The Best Method to Recover PST File

In business and corporate world emails or electronic mails are the most powerful and strong means of communication. So nowadays many organization uses employs the one of the proficient email client like MS Outlook for sending and receiving emails, online task scheduling and information exchanging, etc. MS Outlook application stores all emails, and other data in Personal Storage Table or PST files. Along with emails Outlook PST file contains items like journals, tasks, notes, contact list, calendar entries, attachments, etc. Default location of this PST file is C:\doccuments and settings\Application Data\Local Settings\Microsoft\Outlook.PST.

But suppose if you have deleted this PST file accidentally then it is clear that you would face the data loss from PST file. In such condition what will you do? How you recover PST file? And it happens amongst people usually. Let’s know one of the common situations like, suppose you are using Outlook 2003 and you wanted to upgrade this Outlook version to Outlook 2010. While upgrading the Outlook 2003 the procedure get interrupt and your Outlook 2003 PST file get lost. You had stored lots of important emails, notes etc. in your Outlook 2003 PST file. Now you want to get back all those data from PST file. In such kind of situation how you can perform Outlook 2003 PST recovery? If you are confused and don’t know any kind of solution then read this article carefully it will guide how to recover PST file very easily from your system. But before that let’s know some common situations to due to which you lose your data from PST file.

Let’s have a look on most common and possible scenarios due to which you lose your data from PST file and you need to perform PST file recovery,

  • Due to accidental deletion of data from PST file using “Shift+ Delete” options.
  • Due to sharing of PST file over LAN/Wan network.
  • Due to Virus or malware attack on PST file.
  • Due to corruption or crashing of MS Outlook application.
  • Due to failure of upgradation process of Outlook application.
  • Due to interruption in the process of PST file transfer.
  • Due to crossing of size limit of PST file.
  • Failure downloading or uploading of PST file due to poor internet connection.

So these are the most common scenarios due to which you may lose your data from PST file. But don’t worry you can use recovery software like Outlook recovery tool to recover PST file. This software has some advanced features which helps to recover PST file easily those are mentioned below,

Some extraordinary features of Outlook recovery tool to recover PST files,

  • This software performs the complete recovery of PST files along with emails, attachments, notes, tasks, calendar list, contact list, journals etc.
  • This software has developed with advanced search engine so it helps to recover deleted or lost PST file very quickly.
  • Oversized and corrupted PST files are recovered and fixed efficiently by using this software.
  • PST files are recover from header corrupted and crashed MS Outlook application.
  • Even if your PST file is password protected and cashed then also Outlook recovery tool helps to recover it without any modification in its original data.

Free demo version of Outlook recovery tool to recover PST file,

 Outlook recovery tool is available in free demo version so that you can download it and try for recovery. If you feel satisfied with this result then you can purchase this software to save those results. Before saving these results this software preview those results.

Supported versions by Outlook recovery tool,

  • MS Outlook: 2000, 2003, 2007, and 2010.
  • Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.