Software to Retrieve files After Windows 8 Reinstall

There are different versions of Windows (Window XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 7, and Windows 8) operating system are available in market, Windows is the most common Operating System used by many of the users. Generally users reinstall Operating System to increase the system performance. For example users reinstall Windows 8 Operating System to enhance system presentation, transfer from Windows 7 to Windows 8 and vice versa. During this process if any error occurs then the outcome is major file loss situation.

After this situation the entire data gets lost thus it could be big problem for them. In that circumstance users need dependable software which can retrieve the files after reinstall. Here we have Windows 8 File Recovery software to retrieve files after Windows 8 reinstall. This is one of the most suggested software by experts. If you are having such circumstances then, just follow this article.

There are several scenarios in which files lost after Windows 8 reinstall

  • All of a sudden your Windows8 Operating System turns into blue screen and could not allow you to access the data. In such case you reboot the system, but again gives the same result. So, you reinstalled the Windows 8 Operating System to resolve the problem. But, the lost files cannot recover by reinstalling Windows 8. In that scenario make use Windows 8 file recovery software to retrieve files.
  • Due to virus or malware infections the Windows 8 Operating System may damage. By reinstalling Windows 8 Operating System you can correct the functioning of a system. But before reinstalling OS, if you fail to back up your important files, then it might be major data loss.
  • If the performance of the system drops slowly over time and in order to increase the speed and performance re-installation should be done.

Apart from above mentioned scenarios, there are some  other reasons for files lose after Window 8 reinstall  comprising abrupt system shutdown, MBR corruption, improper re-partitioning of Windows 8 drives, etc. However in every case files can be recovered by using Windows 8 file Recovery software to recover files after Windows 8 reinstalls.

Features of Windows 8 file recovery software

Windows 8 file recovery software has capability to scan entire hard disk drive in a few minutes. Apart from restoring deleted files, this program can get back lost files from Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. This software performs to recover data recover after format and reinstallation of Windows 8 and etc. It also recovers data from non-bootable hard drive. It contains “Save Recovery Session” feature, so that you can resume the recovery process at any instant of time and no need to rescan the entire Windows 8 hard drive again. The software has built-in advanced scanning algorithm that can recognize and recover different files types on the basis of their unique signatures. It supports to recover data from file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT.  The recovered files can be saved according to name, date, size and file type extensions. It can make data recovery from various types of hard drives such as flash memory cards, external USB hard drives and FireWire drives.


  • Store your important files on external storage drive as a backup.
  • Keep on update your Anti-Virus software to prevent virus infection.