Need to know how to restore data from Mac volumes?

Have you accidentally deleted or lost your valuable data from Mac volumes? Then recognized that the data was important? Are you looking for a best drive recovery tool? If your answer is yes for all these questions, then the perfect solution for your problem is partition recovery tool. This tool can efficiently restore HFS partition Mac which are deleted or lost due to any unknown reason.

MacBook air laptop was introduced by Apple Inc which divides their hard drive into multiple sections which are known as partitions. Partitions in Mac are called volumes and Mac contains two local volumes called HFS+ and HFSX. These are file systems which are used by Mac devices which allow you to add and organize your data in a proper manner. Different storage devices can be used with Mac devices like memory card, digital camera, USB flash drives, etc.

All the data that you store on Mac computer hard disk is stored in various file formats.  However, there are cases where you mistakenly delete or erase any kind of important file from hard drive and you might also empty the Trash Can. Thus resulting in permanent loss of data from the drives.

Consider yourself in a scenario where you wished to format one of your Mac volumes to make it free from viruses. You accidentally formatted the drive without taking proper backup of important files and folders stored in it. Then when you checked the formatted drive the partition was present but was totally empty. You must be frustrated as the formatted drive was containing essential data. But you will be surprised to hear that you can still recover data from formatted Mac volumes by making use of powerful data recovery tool. One among the best recovery tool is Mac data recovery which supports data recovery on different data storage devices.

The data recovery is possible because the data deleted or lost from Mac partitions will not be deleted actually, only the pointer gets deleted and memory space is made available to store new files. In case if you add any new data on the same memory location, then the original data will be overwritten and you may lose your significant data forever.

There are some more data loss scenarios which you may come across while using the drives which are listed below:

Reasons of data loss from storage devices:

  • Any error generated while converting file system from FAT to NTFS may result in severe data loss as the file system are used to manage the files.
  • Data stored in the hard drive of your computer becomes inaccessible because of virus attack leading to loss of data.
  • Improper turn off of your laptop due to low battery causes journal corruption resulting in huge data loss.
  • Accidentally pressing Delete All or format card option while previewing pictures in the digital camera also leads to loss of data.
  • Capturing pictures or recording videos when the camera is on low battery is the other main reason of losing precious media files from memory card or camera.
  • Unknowingly formatting the wrong partition while formatting the unwanted Mac volume then you may lose all your data stored on that particular partition resulting in data loss.
  • If your computer is running many applications with larger size than the computer’s memory then error message “Problem with RAM” gets generated and you may face loss of data.

Thus to avoid data loss from your Mac computer or any other storage device you need to follow some of the protective steps such as: take proper backup of your critical data, remove your data storage device by making use of safe and remove hardware option, always use reliable power source to avoid power fluctuation, do not use the drive to store new data from which you have lost the data as it overwrites the old data.

However, there are cases where you may face data loss because of any unexpected reason. So you can use good data recovery tool which are highly reviewed by industry experts to recover data.

This tool can restore 300 various file types from the hard drives by using signature search. It supports data recovery from FAT, NTFS and EXFAT formatted Mac volumes. This utility is capable of recovering data lost due to bad sectors by creating disk image of that drive. This recovery software allows the user to view the restored files during recovery process. The software is also used to recover HFS volume data from MacBook Air which get deleted because of volume header corruption from Mac operating system. This tool supports data recovery on all different editions of Windows operating system as well as on Mac OS X.

Basic steps to restore data from Mac hard drives deleted or lost due to various reasons.

Obtain the free version of the data recovery tool. Install it on your computer and run the software. Select the appropriate recovery options which you may face while utilizing the software. Once you are done with the process you can evaluate the recovery results. In case if you are happy with the results you can get its full version available online.