How to Recover Pictures from Moto G Smartphone?

Moto G is an Android Smartphone developed and designed by Motorola Mobility. This Moto G Smartphone is the most sold mobile compared to other Moto series mobile phones. The Moto G Smartphone comes with 1GB RAM, 1.2 Giga hertz processor speed and internal storage space is available in 8 GB and 16 GB as there is no external storage. The primary camera comes with 8 Mega Pixel and front facing camera is 1.3 Mega Pixel, due to this high quality camera features most of the time the Moto G Smartphone users use the phone to capture photos of their wonderful moments so that the memories of those moments will be always there with them.

Almost every Android Smartphone is always vulnerable to some kind of data loss; the data lost can be anything such as audios, videos, documents and essential photos of rare moments which are priceless. So when user comes across such types of data loss situations, then he may get panic about how to recover photos from Moto G and ends up in dilemma that he may not recover those photos. To solve such type of disastrous data losses we have come up with a unique product that will recover your lost photos even though you accidently deleted it or lost due to below mentioned causes.

Here are the list of scenarios for which data loss may happen on Moto G

  • Sometimes, the user may unknowingly delete the essential photos from the gallery while deleting the unwanted ones.
  • The data loss may happen when the Smartphone suddenly goes off during transferring of data to another Smartphone or device due to low battery.
  • The data loss may also occur when user ends up with error while upgrading the Smartphone’s OS to higher version.
  • Many a times, the files are also lost when the user uses the “Factory Data Reset” option without backing up the data.
  • The data may go missing when you perform Moto G Photo recovery using free recovery tools which are not digitally approved.

How to get back photos from Moto G?

You can easily get back your lost photos by using Android Photo Recovery software as it is not only suitable to Moto G photo recovery, it is also suitable to all types of Android Smartphones. This tool is developed and designed with efficient algorithms that will perform a deep scan on each and every bit of the phone memory so that the photo (JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, TIF, JPG, PSD, etc.) is recovered in the same quality as it was lost. It has easy to use Graphical User Interface so that even a novice user can easily retrieve photos from Moto G. The Software is enabled with “Save Recovery Session” option so that the user can resume or save the Moto G photo recovery process.

Some Precautionary measures to consider when you lose data from your Smartphone

  • Until you perform thorough recovery process do not take or capture any new photos from the Moto G as this may overwrite your essential photos in the phone memory which you want to recover.
  • Try to avoid free recovery tools as some of them might not be digitally signed so they may corrupt the phone memory resulting in permanent loss of your photos.
  • Use genuine Antivirus software to scan for virus because severe viruses may further delete your existing data.