Hard Drive deleted Partition Recovery software

Hard disk partitions are usually deleted while re partitioning. This accidental deletion of partition results in loss of major file types. But, these different file formats are not lost permanently from hard disk. It is definitely possible to obtain back data from these deleted partitions. Have you ever come across a situation where you deleted your hard disk partitions accidentally?

If ‘yes ’, then most probably you are on the tip of losing your important and confidential data. But, no need to worry; there is a solution for every problem. Lost data can be regained by the use of partition recovery software you will be able to get back files in most of the data loss scenarios. Some of those are listed below:

  • Inadvertent deletion of a partition: There may be possibility when unintentionally your hard drive partitions get deleted logical. For example  Some times in hurry or by mistake you hard may delete one of the hard drive partition .i.e. When you wish to delete partition ‘D’ which is inaccessible to you due to virus threats but you have deleted partition ‘E’ then it will be big mess, resulting in loss of data from that partition.
  • Intentionally formatting: When any of the partition on your PC hard drive gets corrupted by virus threats then without having any other option apart from formatting of affected partition, leads to loss of data.
  • Bad Sector:  Suppose disk got uneven surface on which hard drive head moves constantly to access the data, but some time unfortunately frictions between head and disk drive leads to reparation in hard drive sectors. Therefore, you will not be able to access that particular data when you want to. If unluckily that bad sector contains few essential operating system files and master boot record (MBR), then it enhances the menace of huge data loss.
  • Abrupt system shut down: Suppose sudden power outage occurs, reboot or sudden shut down of system during the time of a data transfer or several other functions. For this unacceptable way of system reset / shutdown, the file system may get corrupted and leads in loss of data.
  • Hard drive partition crash: If you get a blue screen on your system or some time your hard disk reject to go in boot section then most likely in this fright situation you try to restart your computer again and again without perceptive of proper procedure, this leads to permanent data loss.

Well if you are unlucky, then these viruses may even spoil the file system of your hard disk drive slices. Day by day, virus programs are chiefly developed to target the Master Boot Record (MBR) that stores Partition Table & Boot Code, which is required for proper booting of your computer. When this MBR is damaged, and when you not pay attention to the fact, then it may affect various sections of a hard drive.

In adding together to the reasons mentioned above, a range of other factors is also responsible for a losing of data. In such unfortunate circumstances, you need to make use of a well-organized and capable partition recovery software that can reinstate lost data from your hard disk drive partition.

This software has acknowledged numerous accolades for its competent and efficient data regaining from partitions of a hard disk drive data. Therefore, no former acquaintance is mandatory to use this utility. Moreover, it facilitates an unfussy edge to get back files from corrupted partitions; one can use this tool without having much technical knowledge.


ü  Always try to shut down your PC in a correct way.

ü  Use a proper anti-virus program to prevent any type of virus attack.

ü  Regularly check for any type of noise from the hard drive, which indicates the collision between head & the disk surface.

ü  Do not use a freeware to carry out partition regain on your computer, as it may damage existing data.

This application is also available in demo version to check its capability, once download and install it on your PC and execute it. If you feel this tool is capable to regain deleted or corrupted partition data then you can buy complete version.