How to Recover Deleted Photos from Pen Drive?

In most of the cases user might have carelessly delete photos from pen drive. This photo deletion situation can be a cause of accidental deletion or any other human mistake. Deletion of images from pen drive lead to permanent deletion rather than moving to Windows recycle bin or Mac trash folder. If you are still … [Read more…]

Recuperating Photos from Micro SD card

If you have happened to have micro SD minute card photo loss? Thinking of how to recover lost photo from micro SD card? How do you perform micro SD card recovery after loss of photos? Don’t be panic, be relaxed this post will describe you an effective and a simple methods to recover photos from … [Read more…]

How to revive images from Canon digital camera?

A digital camera is among the most fashion of capturing pictures. Pictures captured by digital camera can be transferred easily. Even it is possible to carry thousands of pictures along with you, if you have captured the pictures through digital camera. Canon and Nikon are most famous brands of digital camera across the world. Not … [Read more…]

Tool to Retrieve Digital Pictures from Memory Card

In traditional cameras, after capturing the image it can save on roll of film whereas the current digital cameras store captured pictures on memory cards. These cards are small, portable, removable and possesses high storage capacity. Memory cards are used as basic memory device in MP3 players, video game consoles as well as in mobile … [Read more…]

Restore disk image files

Have you ever accidentally formatted your hard disk significant images into it? You haven’t any backups? You never think it over until it takes place, it hurts you hard. Unluckily, disasters occur to everyone of course, if that you are in the comparable state, it is far better to be prepared and know what to … [Read more…]

Image recovery software for memory cards

Memory cards and memory sticks are a very good source of storing required data from cameras, smart phones, cell phones, Tablets, etc. Because the electronic devices that are available today frequently make use of memory devices to store data. These memory cards can store all types of data like word files, documents, text files, video … [Read more…]