Software to Recover MS Outlook Files

“Yesterday, I updated Microsoft Outlook on my laptop after that I am not able to access Outlook PST file and it is showing some error while sending or receiving emails. Finally, I realized that my Outlook PST file got corrupted that’s why it stops responding for doing various operation. So I tried to execute Scan PST built-in Inbox repair tool in order to repair my Outlook PST file. But I am not able to utilize this tool and I encounter some error and now it becomes entirely inaccessible. Is there anyone assist me with some best Outlook recovery tool to recover my Outlook PST files?”

Okay, when inbox repair tool fails to get back Outlook PST file due to any reason you can utilize some third party Outlook recovery tool like Microsoft Outlook Recovery Tool which can perform read-only operation and it ensures that your original PST file data will not get altered after the completion of recovery process. It supports all the latest Windows operating systems like Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows XP and also supports various Outlook versions such as Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2000.

Reasons for loss of Outlook PST files:

  • Virus attack is the main reasons behind PST file damage which ranges from failure of Outlook installation process therefore you lose emails, tasks, notes, calendar events and appointments.
  • While upgrading your Outlook into a latest version you may encounter some problems which corrupts the PST file. Operating system conflicts, Outlook installation file damage are the other reasons of PST file corruption.
  • Sometimes, you may forcefully close your Outlook application which may corrupt your PST file and it becomes inaccessible. At times, you may move your PST file from one system to another due to which some errors may happen due to network error, abrupt power failure also can corrupt the PST file severely.
  • Some other reasons that may lead to loss of Outlook PST files are internal system error due to software conflicts, corruption due to severe virus infection, Outlook PST synchronization error etc.

Many of you might have encountered these kinds of issues while using Outlook application. In order to overcome these problems you can implement smarter and faster Outlook recovery tool known as Microsoft Outlook Recovery Tool and which can recover Outlook PST file effectively.

Unique Features of Microsoft Outlook Recovery Tool:

  • This tool can recover password protected or encrypted PST file effectively.
  • You can search the corrupted PST file location on your system by using this tool. This feature helps you whenever you don’t know the exact location.
  • Minimum disk space about 50 MB is enough to install this Outlook Recovery Tool.
  • By utilizing this tool you can recover Outlook PST files on all the latest versions of Windows Operating systems.
  • 24/7 professional technical support available therefore you can clarify your doubts about this software at any time.