Review on Chromecast Audio

Google unveiled its next-generation Chromecast streaming device, at a special event in September 2015 which is incorporated with all-new Chromecast audio.

chromecast_audio-boxjpg-1200x675In the world of multi room audio, the Chromecast Audio has been positioned as the keystone for the company’s plans. Even though Google’s seminal video streamer is something as revolutionary as an upstart device stand side-by-side is not often to see. For now this little puck is little more than addition to already huge host of ways to take your music wireless. However, a tiny $35 price tag and towing Chromecast’s signature simplicity, in the market it turns out to be one of the most intuitive wireless and affordable adapters.

Out of the box

Along the top it is crafted into a sleek black disc with vinyl-style grooves, the device comes packaged with a 5-inch 3.5 mm audio cable and a power cord. Even though the cable is short and particular connection relegates you with powered speakers or Bluetooth speakers with an auxiliary input and not much else, it’s a cute setup. If you wish to add the Chromecast Audio to hi-fi rig, then there are different cables and you need to pick up anyone, such as a 3.5mm to RCA cable, or a 3.5mm to Toslink Optical cable, optimal sound preferred this method. The price of the sticker rises from $35 to more than $40-45.


It is extremely easy to get going like the original Chromecast, once the speaker or sound system is wired up and plugged. To a new Chromecast app simply add the device and connect it to your local network, also fill in the Wi-Fi info then you are up and running. Before wiring up the Chromecast to the wimpiest of speakers, you need to go into the device settings and engage HDR music to lower the compression on tunes.

Including potify, Tune-in, Rdio, Google Play, and dozens of others, you can use any audio apps and get with the Chromecast for your TV only when you are online, which uses your internet data. The Chromecast app is already built in with Google’s new addition gives the Chromecast Audio a nice start. Audio device for home theater system is a bit redundant to purchase even if are already got a video Chromecast.

Even though there are many features of the Chromecast Audio, there are limitations too. One of the limitations is you cannot directly stream audio files from DLNA storage drive or from computer.