Learn how to recover accidentally deleted file from USB drive

USB drive is a flash storage drive, which is widely used in present scenarios to keep data portable manner. In USB drive you can store any kind of files like important files, favorite movie, or photographs. It includes different storage capacity, size and attractive designs. However some time files kept in USB drive could get lost/ deleted because of various data loss situations for example accidental deletion of file, file lost as a result of bad sector on hard disk, corruption in file system and many more.

These issues can be easily solved with the help of data recovery software. So in case you accidentally deleted your important file from the USB drive??? And wondering for a way to recoup it back, then here is your search ends here. Data recovery will allow you to in recovering important computer data back. There are lots of reasons behind data loss form USB drive, have a look on a few of them:

  1. Accidental format, re-format, of USB drive.
  2. Corruption to perfect Boot Record resulting USB drives crash/ Data loss.
  3. Infected USB drive doesn’t mount/connect with all the PC or laptop.
  4. Deleting all unwanted files through the use of ctrl key, sometime will might select a few of your important file and cause loss of data.
  5. Abrupt power de-activate during file transferring process also leads to deletion of file from USB drive.

Here are a few precautions that you could be capable of decide to use avoid data loss problems:

  1. Avoid connecting a drive with already infected system.
  2. Don’t remove your USB drive forcefully in the system.
  3. While using cut and paste command, be cautious.
  4. Avoid transferring multiple files on USB drive together.
  5. Don’t resume the file transferring process among.
  6. Choose safely remove option while removing drive.

However, these precautions usually are not at all sufficient, as there are many more scenarios which can be still unknown and occur suddenly. To tackle such situation you should need to option for recovery software. It recovers lost /deleted data on the basis of name, size, and file type. How you can recover deleted files in Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows vista? Questions now have an optimum solution as Data recovery tool. It can restore data from USB drive having HFS+, HFSX formatted partitions / volumes in case there is Mac OS and restore data from USB drive having FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 formatted partitions / volumes in case of Windows OS.

You can run this utility on all major versions of Windows or Mac OS for example Windows 7, Windows, Or windows 7, Windows 2003, and Windows 2008 as well as for Mac it supports Mac OS X 10.5x and above(including Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion). You can easily download trail version of this tool. It will assist you to restore or recover your computer data that is lost/erased/deleted form you USB drive. If you’re pleased with the feedback of trail version then you can certainly download its full version.