Learn How to Convert OST PST in an Easy Way

An OST (Offline Storage Table) is used to receive and send the email message in offline mode on Microsoft Outlook. Whenever it connects to the server, it checks for the changes made in the OST files and update those changes in OST files by synchronizing with the server.

How to Convert OST PST

Sometimes, due to software and network issues Outlook OST files may get corrupted. Hence, in order to repair these corrupted OST files you need to know how to convert OST PST file. Don’t tensed? Here, is one of the most reliable tool named as How to Convert OST PST tool that can easily convert Microsoft Outlook OST into PST files without damaging it further and conversion it makes these PST files in readable format. After conversion, you can restore the Outlook elements like contacts, schedules, calendars, appointments, and reports etc. This software is a powerful tool that can convert OST file objects into PST file and it also allow to recover Outlook file elements from Outlook storage table.

Some scenarios where you need to convert OST file to PST are as follows:

  • Outlook Freezing:  OST file sometimes get corrupted due to repeated freezing of MS Outlook. When Outlook freeze up, none of the activities can’t be carried out over it and thus user has no option then to forcefully close Outlook
  • Malware Infection:Whenever the stored Microsoft Outlook OST file gets infected by virus and malware threats, then you need to convert these OST files into PST files in order to repair these infected files and need to make these files more readable.
  • Synchronized Error:OST Data file automatically synchronized when the server mailbox is connected to the network and all the modification made in offline mode. During this process an interruption occurs which may cause a synchronized error messages. These errors messages can lead to OST Outlook data file corruption.
  • Improper Termination: An abrupt termination of Outlook application due to abrupt shutdown of system or network failure when you working with email online on Outlook, as an outcome of this file becomes corrupted or inaccessible.

Apart from these causes, there are more reasons due to which OST file may get corrupted. However, you don’t have to get worried about these issues as by using this reliable utility, you will definitely get to know how to convert OST to PST file of any version of MS Outlook.

Significant Features of How to Convert OST PST software:

  • This tool not only tells how to convert OST to PST file and it also allows to perform this conversion on following Microsoft Outlook versions like Microsoft Outlook 2000, Microsoft 2003, Microsoft 2007 and Microsoft 2010 etc.
  • Apart from conversion, this tool can also restore other Outlook files like email messages, folders, calendars, schedules, notes and form feed etc.
  • It is also possible to convert password protected as well as encrypted OST files with the help of this Outlook file conversion tool.
  • You can easily use this Outlook file conversion tool on both 32-bit and 64- bit operating system platforms of following Windows operating system platforms like Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7,Windows 003 and 2008 server etc.
  • By using this OST to PST conversion tool, conversion of oversized OST files is also possible.
  • This tool is also compatible with following Microsoft exchange OST files like 5.0, 5.5, 2003, 2007 and 2010 etc.