Know About Mozilla Firefox OS

Hello everyone, in this article I would like to talk about an interesting concept that is an about operating system which really works on the desktop of the mobile phone-Firefox operating system. This operating system has a good user’s interface which is often created for the Android Mobile and also this operating system works for the Windows Phone. It is mainly designed with the HTML and CSS standard as every app will look like a web page that is website in the simple from which can designed as per the requirements. On the home screen shows the list of installed apps; there is no icon to open the app drawer like on other mobile OS. Sliding left on the home screen shows the list of app categories, which when clicked, shows installed and suggested app in the selected field. Now let us know more about the Firefox OS which may helps you to operate it in an easier way.Know About Mozilla Firefox OS

Simply saying it is a very different OS for Smartphone and tablets.  It won’t be available on laptops or desktops any time soon. However, Mozilla is planning to release tablets running Firefox OS. There are mainly two different devices which are operating this operating which can help you in knowing about the features and technology designed in this operating system. The device containing this operating system will have a high demand in the market as it provides the many extra facilities related only to this operating system.

Why Mozilla is creating Firefox OS?

Gecko engine runs this operating system in the different devices which uses HTML generator for designing up page and also uses the same technology for devices. Keon by the GeeksPhone and also peak by the GeeksPhone are the two different mobiles which runs by operating Firefox in its system and these devices have high demand in the market. Now let us discuss the further chances of this operating system in the market and when it is actually applicable.

Where this OS can be operated?

  • Devices with these Firefox OS have web apps but Ubuntu for Phones has native apps as well as web apps. Native apps use advance APIs and powerful features, e.g. device’s hardware and services, etc. Web apps are developed using HTML5 and CSS3, and lack powerful features that are provided to native apps in Ubuntu for Phones.
  • Firefox OS containing Ubuntu for Phones is a mobile operating system built upon the Linux kernel, same as Firefox OS and here the devices with these operating systems have equal chances as this may be similar.