How to Fix Corrupted or Broken QuickTime Video Files?

QuickTime media player works on both Apple and Windows OS. If quicktime-mov-fileyou are a QuickTime user then you may encountered a error -2048 while you are trying to open a movie file through QuickTime media player. MOV file format is particularly developed for QuickTime player; hence almost all the users get problems with the .mov file.

However, in some situation your QuickTime video files like MOV files fails to work QuickTime. This is a very terrible circumstance, specifically if you want to view any of your desired MOV video on QuickTime and this kind of error occurs then how would you experience. Definitely, you had got disappointed right. Well, now don’t get worried because currently the MOV files that are not working on QuickTime can be easily repair using Fix QuickTime File software. This Fix QuickTime File software is a highly powerful and advanced application which has been designed especially for repairing MOV files which become inaccessible on QuickTime.

Scenarios behind Corrupted or Broken of QuickTime Video Files:

Errors While Transferring: Files are frequently transferred from one storage device to another. Suppose that you have a vital MOV file saved on Mac computer that needs to be transferred to some external storage device. During transferring MOV file, if suddenly a miscalculation takes place then the video files will get corrupt and turns unreachable on QuickTime.

Header Corruption: MOV video file has an important file called header which is very important as it maintains all the necessary details of that video file. On account of any sudden reason, if header corrupts then MOV file will not work on QuickTime.

Interruptions While Downloading: When MOV video files downloaded from internet on Mac computer if suddenly an miscalculation takes place then the downloaded file will get corrupt ensuing in inaccessibility of video file on QuickTime.

Audio Video Sync: Sometimes when you play a movie then you get that the audio and video of the file are not synced. The reasons may be converting one file type to another type using an unreliable third party tool or downloading a corrupt/ damage file from the internet.

Besides these there are many other reasons due to which your MOV video files fails to work on QuickTime. The Fix QuickTime File software is capable of reparing issue in few simple steps.

Features of Fix QuickTime File software:

  • Fix QuickTime File software is a safest and reliable tool that is entirely free from all kinds of destructive elements such as viruses and malwares programs.
  • It is read only software which never damages original file while repairing. It truly scans the unplayable MOV video file and a new file is created by the software that will be same as original one.
  • This software can repair QuickTime file on different versions of Mac OS such as Yosemite, Lion, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Leopard and Snow Leopard.
  • It also supports different versions of Windows OS such as Windows Vista, XP, Win 8, Windows 7, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008, etc.
  • Prior to buy, if you want to check the product then use its demo version. If you feel satisfied with the repairing results then go for its licensed version to save the repaired video files.