Here’s Some Tips and Tricks for Samsung Gear VR

Gear VR headset is the consumer product that you already be using its different version from many years also Samsung and oculus introduces their public developer kit. The Gear VR is not as powerful as the Oculus rift. The Gear VR is a wireless device also. But the biggest advantage of the wireless Gear is you can play it in a spinning chair like stool or like office chair. In case if you do not have any one from it you have to play it by standing up.  This is one of the better option for gaming in one general direction.

With the release of Gear VR Samsung mostly solved the tech issue until and unless the invention of a lens coating that prevents lens fog. Chemistry which dictated that this is the main issue in every VR headset. When you play for a long time the fog will mainly go away on its own this is mainly because of the discrepancy in temperature which is formed between phones and lenses. But do not get panic of that and you should be proactive of that as well.

There are many affordable products available for scuba gear which get the job done. There are many successful chemical products like Clarity Defog It wipes and Jaws Quick Spit but the second one is mostly preferable as it is much cheaper. It is available for US$ 6 on Amazon and you can spray it for atleast 200 times. So, before going into VR, message for each lens, spray some solution and enjoy some fog free virtual reality.

There is nothing more than sliding your phone into headset, after that plug in your headphones, get your gamepad ready, and strap it on your head. These all process is done to realize some dust in your field of view. The first Gear VR Innovator has overheating problem but this was not a very big issue. This issue mainly arises while wearing the headset. Still some of the games requires a gamepad for better experience. The Steelseries Stratus XL is one of the best gaming pad which use the gear. It cost $ 70 and the other one which is also pretty good is Moga Hero Power which costs $ 28. Visual experience is the virtual reality but try to have feelings with a audio. With the help of Gear VR the games can be broadcast through the phone’s speaker.