Easy steps to use best file recovery software

Perhaps you have mistakenly formatted one of your hard drive partitions containing important files rather than formatting a partition which is infected from virus? Till the time you realize your mistake all of your important data stored on the particular partition was gone. This should be the most frustrating moment as the data was stored from long time and regeneration of the lost data manually is a difficult task. If you have got stuck in such a situation where you are suffering from severe loss of files, do not get tensed as every problem has got its solution. Best file recovery tool is the right solution for your problem. It can effortlessly recover data lost after accidentally formatting the hard drive partition at your fingertips.


The advanced technology has made our life very luxurious by inventing various digital devices to hold and preserve data. The most wide spread and popularly used device to hold important files is hard disk. These hard drives are the vital part of computer or laptop which allows the user to store their data into multiple sections called partitions concerning to system user. These computers and laptop are available with various brands, configuration and facilities.


Files contain media files like photos, music files, videos, movies, documents and financial records which have their own importance and they are termed as information. Storing the data and restoring it when needed is made easy but what if stored files in hard drives or any other secondary storage devices gets corrupted or lost or deleted due to some variable factors then the question arises how to recover corrupted file or deleted or lost files from these devices.


Apart from losing data due to formatting there are some more data loss scenarios which you should be familiar with.


Common data loss scenarios:

  • Transferring a file over unprotected email server corrupts the files and makes the files inaccessible.
  • Power outages occurring while copying files from hard drive to external storage device.
  • Reformatting the hard drive without copying files.
  • Suddenly removing data storage device from connected laptops or PC.
  • When the size of Recycle Bin exceeds its maximum storage capacity then automatically the files bypasses.

Protective steps to be followed:

  • Avoid regular use of shift+delete keys.
  • Get updated version of antivirus application.
  • When you are ejecting flash memory card or any other storage device remove by using proper exit option.
  • Use reliable UPS to avoid unexpected power failure.

Even after taking all the essential safety measures still there are chances where you might lose your data stored in the devices. Most of the people get panic in such situations and lose hopes to get back their important data. But it is quite simple by using best file recovery tool which can easily undelete deleted file from portable hard drive, memory cards, backup drive, USB flash drive etc by making use of powerful scanning algorithm.


Try the free version of the software available online and install it on your system. Now double click on the desktop icon to run the application and select the appropriate recovery options which you get while using the tool. Once you’re done with the file recovery process you can check the performance of the tool and if you’re happy with the results you can get its full version.