Avoid Data Loss from External Hard Drive in Few Steps

Are you looking forward to recover data from broken external hard drive? Then no need to be concerned about it, now it’s quite easy to recover files from broken external hard drives using drive recovery software. This software is premeditated with user friendly interfaces and performs recovery of external hard drives on both Windows and … [Read more…]

Best Tool to Recover Hard Disk Partition

In computers, hard disk is used to store large amount of data. System hard drive can be divided in several partitions for maximum utilization of memory space in an efficient manner. Hard drive is mainly partitioned to increase the performance of system in order to store and retrieve data. But despite of having many advantages … [Read more…]

Hard Drive deleted Partition Recovery software

Hard disk partitions are usually deleted while re partitioning. This accidental deletion of partition results in loss of major file types. But, these different file formats are not lost permanently from hard disk. It is definitely possible to obtain back data from these deleted partitions. Have you ever come across a situation where you deleted your hard … [Read more…]

Approach to restore files from USB hard drive

Have you lost your significant files from USB hard drive by wrongly formatting it when connected to computer? Now are you wondering to recover data from formatted drive? No need to worry, you can easily retrieve files from formatted USB drive partition by using disk partition recovery software. This software uses powerful scanning algorithm which … [Read more…]