Best way to repair corrupt outlook inbox

Microsoft Outlook is very popular email client for the present day users. Outlook provides you to use all the mail account objects like emails, contacts, calendar, tasks, folders, journals, etc in offline mode also. Because Outlook downloads all your mail account details from Server data base on to the hard drive of the system on which your Outlook profile is present. You can manage multiple mail accounts in a single Outlook profile.

Outlook stores all the mail attributes of your account in a single file called PST file having the file extension as .pst which is abbreviated from the word Personal Storage Table as it stores all your personal details of the mail account.

The inbox folder of the PST file contains all the incoming mails of your email account. Since the PST file is stored on the system hard drive just like all other files and folders, it easily gets corrupt as a result of various reasons. Most often the file gets corrupt due to virus attack. Many other reasons behind this PST file damage are:

  • Oversized PST – Each PST file will be provided certain memory space on the hard drive. If the data on that PST file exceeds the limit then the file goes corrupt due to oversize.
  • Improper termination – If the system suddenly shut down while you are working on Outlook PST file then the file may get corrupt and errors out when tried to open.
  • Migration of Outlook – Assume that you were using Outlook 2007 and then changed the version to Outlook 2010. During the process if any errors encountered then possibilities of PST file corruption is more.
  • PST file Header corruption – The header file of a PST file consists of all the details regarding that PST file. And if this header file is damaged due to any error then the file do not open and thus data is lost.
  •  Due to compression: Generally compressing a huge PST file is useful to store it in less memory space on hard drive. But if compression method is not performed completely then the file might get corrupt.

When you encounter any such situations of data loss from PST file, the file should be repaired so that the data present in it can be accessed. To repair a corrupt PST file usually we go with inbuilt scanpst.exe repair tool. But this inbuilt repair tool cannot repair most of the corrupt PST files. Hence you can try out some third party repair utility to repair your PST file. Here is one such repair utility that easily repair outlook 2007, 2010, 2003, 2000 and 2002 PST files. Some of the features of this repair utility are:

  • Effectively performs repair Outlook inbox to recover all the corrupt mails.
  • Repairs all outlook PST objects like emails, contacts, attachments, tasks, calendar, folders, etc.
  • Repairs broken PST files, password protected, compressed and encrypted PST files.
  • Repairs PST file that are corrupted due to virus attack and malware.

You can check for the software efficiency by using the trial version of the software. Click here to download. Install and run the software on the system from which you want to repair PST file. The software repairs the PST file and recovers all the file objects and stores it in new location. If the software efficiency is good, then you can opt for complete software.