Approach to restore files from USB hard drive

Have you lost your significant files from USB hard drive by wrongly formatting it when connected to computer? Now are you wondering to recover data from formatted drive? No need to worry, you can easily retrieve files from formatted USB drive partition by using disk partition recovery software. This software uses powerful scanning algorithm which scans USB drive sector by sector and restore files with the help of their unique file extension. You can run the software on both Windows and Mac based systems.


Now let’s see what is USB Hard disk drive?

USB HDD is a portable storage drive which is externally connected to any computer or laptop via USB port using data cable. These external hard drives are generally utilized to store and fetch data. USB drives backup the important data separately from the internal hard drive of the system. With the great demand for the usage of these drives are launched by various companies like Sony, Kingston, Transcend, LaCie, Lexar, Scandisk, etc.


However, there are instances where you might lose all your important data stored on these USB hard disk drives because of human mistakes, corruption or due to some unknown reasons. Besides losing data as a result of formatting the USB HDD, there are many other scenarios which you might experience in the further usage of USB hard drives.

Possible data loss scenarios:

  • Removal of USB HDD without disconnecting the drive using safely remove hardware options.
  • Power failure when the file synchronization between computer and USB hard drive is in progress results in drive corruption which makes you to face huge data loss.
  • Accidentally deleting files from USB hard disk drive while trying to delete some unwanted file.
  • Connecting USB HDD to the virus infected computer can corrupt the drive making the stored files inaccessible leading to loss of data.
  • Using pirated version of antivirus scanning software in the system might delete some of the infected files which cause data loss.
  • Due to bad RAM or hardware conflicts the operating system crashes and makes the hard drive partition inaccessible on both Mac and Windows systems.


Deleted or lost data can be easily restored if you have a proper backup of your important data. In case you don’t have backup of your data then no need to worry still you can recover files by relying on some reliable third party file recovery software. Disk partition recovery software is one such data restoration tool which can effectively perform USB HDD data recovery and can also recover lost files from NTFS partition corrupted due to bad sectors. This recovery utility can be used to restore data from various brands of external hard drives such as Seagate, Hitachi, Toshiba, etc. By making use of this recovery software you can retrieve data from different removable storage drives such as memory cards, pen drives, flash drives etc. at your fingertips.

Get the free version of disk partition recovery software and do the installation of the tool on the hard drive of the computer. Then connect the USB hard disk drive from which you have lost the data. Simply double click on the desktop shortcut icon to launch the software and recover files by selecting appropriate recovery option which you get while working with the software. On completion of file restoration process you can judge the functionality of the tool and if the free version recovers all the files you can go for its full version from online.