Advanced Tool to Recover Lost Data from Computer

 Data is important for everyone, data may be anything like images, videos, audio file, office file, text file, doc file, Excel file etc. this kind of data may be loss due to various reasons like formatting system, deleting files, emptying recycle bin, virus infection, hard drive crash etc. If such data are loss from the system then it is very terrible to bear.

Have you ever encountered a data loss situation in life? If your answer is “yes” then do not get panic, award-winning software data recover is there for you to recover data after data loss from system. It is User-friendly tool helps to bring lost data from system hard drive and from other storage devices and help to recover data after accidentally deleted files from third party application.

Sometimes a user may accidentally delete important files while deleting unwanted files from system hard drive and many times he may use shift  + delete key, that time user may lose the data from system  hard drive, in this scenario use this software to restore those files. This is one scenario apart from this many scenarios are leading to data loss as mentioned below.

Common situations in which the data loss will happen from the system:

Virus infection:  Virus is very dangerous, it can harm any data in hard drive if a virus infects to date then it corrupt data so that user not able to access data from hard drive, you may end up with huge data loss and this situation using this tool, you can regain lost data in few steps.

Emptying recycle bin:   Accidental emptying recycle bin is common while seeing properties of recycle bin folder. If you emptied recycle bin then you may lose all files and you are not able to restore files back. In that situation, you can recover files after emptying recycle bin using this tool in short time.

Formatting hard drive:  User selects wrong drive instead of actual drive to format in order to remove unwanted data from hard drive. If the user selects a wrong drive then loses all data and may get worried about to get back those data and no need to worry, using this utility you can get back those data.

Hard drive crash:  This is another reason for data loss from system. The hard drive may get crash due to various reasons like improper system shutdown, system file corruption, MBR corruption etc. Hard drive crash will lead to enormous data loss and no need to worry using this tool you can recover data from crashed hard drive  in very few clicks.

Above mention, scenarios will lead to data loss, during those situations, you can recover data using this tool and it will completely helps to recover lost data from any storage device.

Salient features of this software as follows:

  • This tool has the ability to recover data from 300 file types of windows operating system.
  • This tool uses advance scanning algorithm while recovering file from hard drive.
  • It helps to add file signature to its current database systeim.
  • In addition, it has the ability to recover data from other storage device like memory card, Pen drive, external hard drive, SD card etc.
  • This software provides demo version using which you can preview the recovered data before saving the data to any storage device.